Once you authorized LinkLiar (see Installation), you can get started.

⚠️ Attention, this is a fair warning

If you change the MAC address of your Wi-Fi while connected, you will loose connection.

Wait one minute or turn the Wi-Fi off and on again to reconnect properly.

👆🏻 First things first

Initially, LinkLiar does nothing at all.

So, I recommend you do the one useful change, which is setting the Default to Random.

For beginners: you can now close this manual and sleep in peace. You’re all set.

All others: Let’s look at what those individual options do with your MAC addresses:

🛌 Do nothing

Simply ignore this interface. Whatever the MAC address is, do not modify it.

🎲 Random

Make sure that the MAC address is never the original one. It the MAC address already is random, it re-randomizes when you click on this.

Pro-tip: The address can periodically be re-randomized, see Settings.

✏️ Define manually

Keep the MAC address to what you specifically say it should be.

♻️ Keep original

If the MAC address is not the original one, reset it to the original.

📖 Default

Defer the configuration of this interface so that whatever has been defined in the “Default” menu applies to this interface.

For example, if the default is “Random” and you plugin an ethernet cable, it will immediately be randomized.